Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Oh and I just found out that I get to go on my very first business trip! I'll be going to a trade show in Florida (that's right SaraLyn!) May 14th - 17th (Ryan, I'll make it up to you about missing your big day). I'm super excited! SaraLyn as soon as I know where it is and what my schedule is like I'll let you know and maybe I'll be able to see you (that would be the best part)!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Life Comes at You Fast

So, I just quit my job.

What?! Wait, Shara, isn't this the job you started about a month ago? Isn't this the job that you were excited to take because it meant you would be moving up (and out of Provo)? Well, yes, it was.

But then last week I got a call from Jerry Pennock (old 2nd Counselor in my Bishopric). He wanted me to come to interview at his company, Complete Restoration. It's a construction company (But wait, Shara, do you know anything about construction? No, I don't) that does home restoration. They recently developed a software that better meets the needs of constructionists (?). Jerry wants to market the software and needs someone to come in and help with the marketing, sales and office work of the product (Shara, didn't you major in MFHD? That doesn't have anything to do with marketing or sales. You're right, but that won't deter me!) I would be in my own new little part of his company. It's brand new from the ground up. That's what is so exciting about it! And it just feels right! So good bye law, hello marketing.

By the way, I also did one of the bravest things in taking this job. (Well, yes, just taking the job seems brave.) But just moments ago I told my boss I was quitting. I really, really don't like disappointing people. It makes me all nervous and scared inside. In fact Bishop McGarr, Carina, and Eric all had to give me little pep talks so I could do it (thanks guys!). But I did it! Ahh! I really hope these next two weeks go by really fast (but this last hour seems to have gone on for a whole day, so I'm not crossing my fingers)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Carina, this is for you

4 Jobs I have had:
Early Morning Custodial (I think everyone should try it at least one semester at school)
Supervisor at the C.O.N.E (Creamery on Ninth East)
Secretary at Provo City Attorney's Office (I have some great stories about the crazies in Provo, ask me sometime!)
Legal Assistant (working in securities law)

4 TV Shows I watch:
The Office (I <3 Jim Halpert!)
Ugly Betty (freakin' hilarious)
Heroes (One awesome show!)
America's Next Top Model (It's my dirty little secret that's not so secret anymore)

4 Places I have been:
Hawaii (B-E-A-utiful)
Taiwan (only one of the coolest places ever! everything so fast paced - if you blink you'll miss something)
NYC (Just call me Babydoll, right Ginger? ;)
The back of a police car (twice)

4 People that email me:
Shayla (Hello, Re: Hello x10)
Shayna (but mostly we g.chat - Rich Lee would have to go up here as a frequent g.chatter too)
Victoria's Secret (only I tried to get my email off of their list and they still keep emailing me)

4 of my favorite foods:
Pizza (Nicolitalias is the best in Provo, and you can go next door and get Pudding on the Rice!)
Xiao Long Bao (steamed dough with meat inside - freaking amazing!)
Mac and Cheese (call-back to my childhood)
Chip-less Chocolate Chip Cookies (If you've had them you would know)

4 Friends I Tag:
You can tag yourself! ;)

4 things I am looking forward to in 2008:
Summer! (Winter was brutal this year)
Havasupai (sweet camping place in the Grand Canyon)
Wicked (planning a trip to see it in the summer)
Turning 26 (I swear each year gets better and better, even when it's crappy, it's better)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Another Embarrassing Moment . . .

brought to you by Shara Svedi.

Disclaimer: the following incident includes the word "bra." If that is offensive to you stop reading now.

Wednesday was our ward temple night and it was seemingly uneventful, that is until I got into the dressing room. I began to change into my temple clothes when I realized: "Gasp! Girls, I'm wearing a red bra!" Giggling emerges from the lockers around me (all gals from my ward). Fortunately I had the presence of mind to remember the baptistry provides the needed under clothing. Not quite sure what I would have done if I was in say, the Oakland Temple . . . Let's hope I never have to find out.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I love April Fools!

Yesterday I was in a relationship with Rich Lee. At least that's what it said on Rich's and my Facebook accounts. I thought it would hilarious to see people's reactions (especially since Rich recently started dating my old roommate Kirsti Burr - we did this with her permission of course). Here are the numerous postings, messages and texts that we received from it. I love it! Enjoy!

Shara’s Wall and Messages
1. Who are you in a relationship with?????? I WANT DETAILS – Nate
2. Wow, Rich Lee is quite the It boy nowadays... :) Carey
3. Congratulations. I always knew you two would hook up. ;) Erin
4. Are you really in a relationship? With Rich? – Shaina
5. "So yeah, I've pretty much been saying you guys should get together for OVER A YEAR - Rebecca
6. It's an April fools, right?! Please say it is.... Please. It's just too weird otherwise. - Shawn
7. You and Rich are dating! I'm so happy!!!!! ... because now Kirsti owes me $10! ;-) - McKay
8. And you’re dating someone!! Dude when did this happen!!! What the h#!l is going on!!!! Everyone is hooking up and getting married!!!! I need to get some too!!! Good on you Shara you go get some!!! – Marco

Shara’s Texts
1. Relationship with Rich Lee??? LOL, Make it more believable say, Ryan Mendenhall . . . Nice Try – Arden
2. Are you and Rich really dating?
April Fools! (my reply)
Hahaha. I was going to say. You’d date Rich, but shut me down. Ouch. - Anonymous
(The best part about this one is, this particular gentleman was also interested in Kirsti, who is now of course dating Rich - so yes, Ouch!)

Rich’s Wall
1. And how does Kirsti feel about this? – Bryn
2. Whatever will Kirsti think? - Christian
3. Boy, if I have to put you on a 6-inch steel leash, I'll do it. We're dating for what, less than three days? and you pull THIS on me?!? A former ROOMMATE?!??!?!? It's a good thing you checked with me first ;) - Kirsti
4. Why does it say you are in a relationship with Shara? - Keith
5. I have this strange suspicion that it’s an April Fools joke. You are the leader of SSASS. You dating her makes no sense and would strip you of your calling. – Keith
6. So I'm a little baffled and feel out of the loop. From my assessment, it seems your April Fool's joke is that you're dating Shara but are you dating another girl fo' real? And you never told me? :*( - Rebecca (the sister of Rich)