Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is why I love our place

This is my view from my back door.  I love it - no backyard neighbors, just a wooded area, so private.
I love it so much, mostly because growing up my Grandma's backyard opened up to a some woods and I remember spending hours and hours playing back there.

 Socks likes looking out the back door so much it's become his favorite napping place.

There's our side back yard.  I love our trees!  So far I know we have:
Dogwood Trees - we have at least 10 and they are so pretty in the spring
Tulip Poplar - pretty spring blossoms and pretty yellow leaves in the fall
Black Gum (the black gum are the bare trees you see - it got too hot for them this year and they dropped all their leaves early)
Red Bud (red blossoms in Spring)
Magnolia (huge pretty white blossoms)
We're going to plant River Birch and Autumn Blaze pretty soon too. 

 All of these big nice trees bring lots of birds and I love hearing them in the morning.  We especially have lots of mocking birds.

Here's is the view from the Master - it's looking out to our side yard, my garden area.
I can't wait to dig into it next spring!

I wish I could get pictures that help you feel how peaceful the yard is.  And even though it's really private we're still only 5 mins away from the grocery store and Bojangles (I hate to admit that a fast food place has good food, normally I can't stand the stuff, but they have great biscuits - it's a good thing I don't go very often, but if you some to visit I'll be sure to take you! You have to, for the name alone :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Socks vs the Mailbox

Well our mailbox lost a battle with a car the other day (or maybe they both lost, it dented the car pretty bad - and you can see why below).  

This, my friends, is what you call a jumbo mailbox. I never even knew this size existed before!
Socks didn't quite know what to make of it.

He tried to get away from it, but there is no escaping this beast.

So he decided that it wasn't so bad after all. Too bad it's going on it's pole in the front soon, instead of becoming he's new bed.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dining Room

Here is another one of my favorite spots in our new place

The tables and china cabinet fit better than I had hoped for!
Not bad for $200.
Shaina, I have the apron and table runner up :)
I do want to get a little centerpiece for the table when I find the right one.

And on the opposite wall I have my little Holiday shelf 
(currently set up for Fall and with a few quick changes will be Halloween ready on 10/1)

The paneling is still the same, I'm waiting a little while before painting it. I just want to get a real good feel for the space, furniture/decor, and lighting (natural and from our fixtures and we're in the process of changing it all right now). So I'll live with it for a few months or so. 

And there is another happy note! 
Since moving out here I've gained about 12lbs! (Staying with the in-laws didn't allow for much control over my diet - but still so grateful for their generosity) But I've lost 3lbs already :), and hoping the rest will come off pretty easily.  

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Library

We have been busy, but we're moved in!
The last couple of weeks have been boxes and boxes (and they're still lurking around):

But it feels so good to be here - we're pretty worn out most days (Craig's already combated one leak), cleaning, moving, unpacking, buying necessities, it's pretty tiresome, but still so good!
The house is coming together pretty well, and so far my favorite spot is my little library corner.
I remember President Hinckley mentioned that every home should have one quiet corner for a library and I've wanted one every since I heard that.  So Craig bought me a second bookcase and I set one up in my office and I love it! (yes Stacia that is your painting on the right in the bookcase)

"When I was a boy we lived in a large old house. One room was called the library. It had a solid table and a good lamp, three or four comfortable chairs with good light, and books in cases that lined the walls. There were many volumes—the acquisitions of my father and mother over a period of many years.
We were never forced to read them, but they were placed where they were handy and where we could get at them whenever we wished.
There was quiet in that room. It was understood that it was a place to study.
In so many of our homes today there is not the possibility of such a library. Most families are cramped for space. But with planning there can be a corner, there can be an area that becomes something of a hideaway from the noises about us where one can sit and read and think. It is a wonderful thing to have a desk or a table, be it ever so simple, on which are found the standard works of the Church, a few good books, the magazines issued by the Church, and other things worthy of our reading."
Craig and Socks even visit me now in my office/library:
(sorry the pics are so blurry, these are from my phone, somehow I managed to melt part of my camera and now the batteries can't stay in)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lesson 256 that Heaven watches out for us

Since I work at home now I have to file quarterly taxes (let me tell you how fun that is). This is my first time to pay them and I didn't figure it out right so I was $x00 short.  Well with closing on a house, plus paying for taxes, plus deposits on utilities, plus getting (some) furniture, plus Craig having to go to the Urgent Care for his eye (he's ok, but they like taking $) and I was more than a little stressed for unaccounted extra money.

Enter Heaven's hand.

We closed today (!!!!!) and our closing costs was $x90 less than what the bank estimated it to be.  I couldn't believe (especially since I've been hearing story after story about how closing costs were usually hundreds more).  Wow, it feels like with every upcoming milestone we have to cross the blessings come (amongst the stretching and growing, but they come, every time).


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Greatest Camp Chair

Wow! I mean - 6 cup holders, does that mean that 6 people can sit in it? I'm thinking yes.