Monday, October 3, 2011

October Glory

On Oct 1st we planted our October Glory maple.
We're so excited about this one!
Our place already had some beautiful trees for Spring blossoms (magnolia tree, dogwood, tulip poplar, redbud,), but we really wanted to bring in some fall colors, and when it comes to fall there really isn't anything that is better than a maple.

Here is the little guy - he's a fast grower.

And here is what they look like in full fall glory!
These guys start off yellow, then change to orange and finally to a brilliant red.  Pretty much you get all the good colors with this one. Can't wait to see him grow!
image found here

Also one of my fav lines from Conference comes from Pres.Packard: 
"You may think that you are ... lost, that is never true."
He was speaking specifically about repentance, but taking it out of context I feel that is a touching message for life in general.

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Dórika said...

Beautiful tree! My father is a gardener, maybe it's the reason of my love with the trees :) I hope you don't mind my comment. Have a good day :)