Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Preview of more QM2 - Preparing to wrap it up

Well, it's pretty obvious when work picks up, my blogging becomes non-existent; but I need to wrap this up because Little Steve is coming next week! So I should probably move on from the vacation that happened two months ago and get ready for the upcoming fun we're going to have!

 I finally got smart about this and organized the trip pics in folders (by rooms and/or event) so all I have to do is pick the folder instead of hunting the pics down.

So hopefully in the next few days we'll have the rest of the things I wanted to show including:
Some of our favorite rooms on board the ship 
(this art deco lamp comes from the champagne bar which oozes Old Hollywood Glam - *love*)

Exploring the ship

Finding Homer!! 

A brief history on the Cunard Line and a story of one of their biggest embarrassments (hint it involves this silver cup).
Update: Ok - not gonna do a history, but I do want to tell the story of the silver cup:

In 1839 Samuel Cunard was awarded the British transatlantic steamship mail contract - his first arrival in Boston, the City of Boston gave Samuel Cunard this beautiful silver cup. 
And then somewhere a long the way after Sir Samuel passed away the Cunard Line lost the cup. I mean seriously this thing is huge, heavy, one of a kind and highly valuable, how do you lose this?!
Sometime in the 70s someone found the cup in an antique store/flea market in the UK.  They recognized the cup and donated it back to Cunard.  Then the cup sailed on QE2, for many years.  Then when Dubai bought QE2 Cunard inadvertently sold the cup with the ship!  (They sold the ship with everything on board and "spaced" the fact that one of the most important pieces of it's history was on board).  Fortunately though they were able to go back to the sellers and get it again, but dang! 
Craig says Cunard doesn't deserve to keep the cup after all that and he'd be more than happy to keep it in a good home :).

Dusk on board QM2 
(I call dusk "The Perfect Time of Day" so I wanted to get pics during that perfect time)

 Decked Out Part 2 - 
where our friend made friends with the captain and was able to fly his vintage Cunard House Flag. A real treat for ocean liner lovers!

The elegant nights on board
(Craig snuck this pic of me)

Arrival in NY

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