Sunday, July 22, 2012

Columbia, S.C.

Last weekend Craig and I along with our two friends, Brian and Eric went down to Columbia, S.C. to check out the sites and a Titanic artifact exhibit that is showing down there.
We had a really fun time visiting the area.  The exhibit was very well done and we really enjoyed looking at the artifacts and display.

We looked around the rest of the museum which was huge! We could have spent all day there and still not even looked at everything.  One of the most touching displays was this one, a piece of beam from one of the twin towers.
 It's really interesting that they let you touch it and photograph it.

This sign was in the bathroom - I thought it was pretty funny.

We also stopped by the State Capitol State House, built in 1855 and is beautiful.

Look at all that marble

Statue of George Washington - note the broken cane.  
This picture explains why the cane is broken. 

It was pretty hot that day so we were trying to keep in the shade.  
We found out cool air was coming out of the vents!

The building suffered artillery damage during Sherman's occupation and afterwards they decided not to repair the damage, but put a bronze stars marking the spots.  See the damage to the window trim?
I really liked that they did that as a small way to preserve the events and memory of things that happened during the Civil War (or War of Northern Aggression as Brian and Craig refer to it :).

This side has four stars.  Can you find them?

Here are 3 of them - I didn't get a close up of the fourth one.

Craig and Brian handing out in the shade.

We found some antique stores to go look through, looked around at some historic homes and walked around the grounds of USC, and of course ate some good food so all in all we had a really fun trip.

On the way home we stopped at the legendary South of the Border in SC.  It was awesome!
South of the Border is famous for selling amazing fireworks and is known for its billboards that go as far North as Virginia and South as Florida.  Pedro is their bandido mascot  Craig's parents used to take them down to South of the Border every year for 4th of July fireworks so Craig made sure we stopped in so he could show us what a crazy (yet awesome) place it is.

Here were some of the billboards on the way in - can't you just feel the anticipation building?
Smash Hit!

kids stuff

My personal favorite: You never Sausage a Place! (You're Always a Wiener at Pedro's!) 


Some of the other billboards:
Pedro's Weather Forecast: Chili today, Hot tamale!
Pedro's fireworks! Does yours?
Keep American Green! Bring Money!
Keep yelling kids! (They'll stop!)

Smile! You're Almost There!


South of the Border!

Fort Pedro: Fireworks!!!

Check it out! 
Have you ever seen so many fireworks in one place before?

There you go, South Carolina fun!


Sara Lyn said...

For all the times I've driven past South of the Border, I've never stopped. But I always get a kick out of the signs. :)

Those pictures of Columbia are beautiful. And that's cool that there are memorials set up everywhere. I love places that breathe history.

Carina said...

That is awesome. I agree with Sara Lyn--I love places with so much history behind them. I'm glad you got to experience that.

And woo-hoo, fireworks! :)