Thursday, August 16, 2012

29: The Year of A Million Dreams

29 – We stole Disney’s theme and call this year The Year of a Million Dreams. Last year we decided that for our 29th year we would really make it one to remember. Our motto has been "Why Not?" And we have been having a lot of fun!

  • Trip to QM with my parents and sister – we had so much fun.  Sneaking around into areas of the ship we’re “not supposed” to be was our favorite (really they don’t care and you can go wherever you want, but there are areas that are not meant for guests and we found them)
  • First Svedi grandchild!!  Little Steve Svedi was born, my parents are grandparents and they are thrilled – and he’s darling and so smiley.
  • My first surgery to remove a cyst (ok not really a “dream”, but a significant event) and my mom came out (thanks Mom!)
  • Titanic’s 100 Year Anniversary – you know this was important to Craig
  • Dream trip to England and crossing on QM2 and 3rd anniversary – oh gosh it was amazing!
  • Fixed up Craig’s ’66 Mustang.  Our goal is by his 30th birthday we will drive the Mustang to the coast - pretty much it's done, but we just need to wait for cool enough weather (no ac in that bad boy)
  • Paid off my student loan!!
  • Steve and Rachael came out in July with Little Steve.  Love, love, love that little boy.
  • Weekend trip to South Carolina with some friends to check out Columbia and also to see a Titanic exhibit.
  • Craig got a much better job!!  I am so proud of him.
  • The major house projects of the year are replacing the windows (today!!), replacing the ceiling and walls in my office and painting Craig’s Titanic Room (you better believe we have a Titanic Room). Next year we might paint the dining/living area!
  • We are going to celebrate my 30th with an awesome fireworks show *love* (P.S Katie I bought myself some shoes for my bday that you totally inspired - the purple ones)
  • Weekend trip to Chatanooga TN (for fun, and to help out a friend).
  • For Craig’s 30th we are going on another weekend trip to Ashville NC to visit Biltmore House *so excited*
  • The Andersons are going up to Pigeon Forge, TN for Christmas!  One of my dream vacations has been to rent a cabin somewhere fun for the Holidays so I’m super excited about this. Pigeon Forge is a little mountain resort place so it should be pretty dreamy around Christmas time.
Can’t you see why this is our million dreams year?

I’m looking forward to what this new decade will bring. I fully anticipate the 30’s will be more challenging but also expect it to be more wonderful and fulfilling.  We have goals and hopes for more awesome trips, more growth, and hopefully a “Wah-wah” or two.  Here’s to being thirty, flirty and thriving!


Sara Lyn said...

What a year! So glad you could do it all!

Katie said...

Did you love the shoes? Are they comfy?