Sunday, August 19, 2012

30th Birthday Bash

Well, the bday went off without a hitch, well one actually . . . the cops did put an end to our fireworks show.
Despite that we had a blast.
We shuffled off to Bones and Diane's house for the official lighting, Craig's brother, sis-in law and their 3 kids and our ship friends Brian and Eric came over for the show and it was quite a show!
Unfortunately I forgot the camera, but Eric had his phone, so I hope to get some video and pics from him. Until then - you can drool over the stash.

And we'll tide you over with this video:

A cop came around while we were in the middle of sending them off and told us that they had been getting calls from all sides about the fireworks and that he himself heard them from 2 miles away. Craig's response" "You gotta admit that's pretty impressive." The cop "Yeah but those are illegal and it's getting kind of late"  So we cleaned up and he took off.  But come New Years - we're sending off the rest!

I learned how to make royal icing flowers this week and so since I had the flowers on hand I just went ahead and made my cake. Yes it did feel awkward to make my cake, but I didn't want my flowers to go to waste.  Oh and I still have about 20 more rosebuds and left over! Lets just say I got carried away trying to make learn how to make them.

 As a side note those roses are devilish.  I have not sucked at doing somethingso bad in a long long time, but I was terrible.  The teacher kept telling me "no do it this way"  Then I would do it the SAME wrong way over and over again.  It was awful - but I've been practicing and have gotten a leetle better at it.

Shaina sent me this cute package!

 Filled with such cute goodies!  Thank you Shaina, it's adorable and fun!

Craig got me this beauty for my bday.  It's pre-WWII bone china from the original Queen Mary's tea service.  It's a really beautiful and rare piece.

So to sum up: cops shut down the party, cake is completely gone, present was unexpected and meaningful all in all a great bday weekend. 

P.S. Stacia there is still time for you to enjoy the fireworks if you come out for New Years!

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Mickelle said...

Maybe I just don't have a discerning eye, but I thought the flowers on your cake were gorgeous! What a great new skill to have!